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The reason for riding a bike in Suzhou

1.2500 years before, Emperor Wuwang Helu built ancient city here. From then, the city didn¡¯t change mainly. The ancient city always keeps the style that ¡° street nearby river¡± and the wonderful sight of?white wall and black tile, as well as bridge and river. The ancient city is 14.2 inside the moat. It will cost you just 15 min¡¯s to ride from north to south or from west to east. Most of gardens and other place interesting locate in the ancient city. Furthermore, some sights locate on walking-streets. So it¡¯s better to get there by bike. Only in old streets and alleys, can you know about the easy lifestyle there. That¡¯s the suzhou¡¯s?real peaceful life. We have our own riding map, also you can find more than 20 old wells, which are hundreds of years old but still under using now.

2.There are more than 400 ancient protecting-buildings in Suzhou city. Most of them are?famous persons¡¯ memorials¡¢special buildings and places containing legends. By our special map, you can know about the ancient city and the change when years go by. Most important, you needn¡¯t to buy any tickets.

3.Bicycle is the mainly transport tool in Suzhou. Supply accommodation road to bicycles in the city.

4.It¡¯s about 30 km from Suzhou to Tongli Town or Luzhi Town or West Hill or East Hill. If you are ok, we strongly suggest you ride there. On the road , you can enjoy the sights and save expense meanwhile. First of all, it¡¯s very interesting to travel by bike, as well as saving time and expense. Besides you can know about ancient Suzhou city and local people. The third, riding is the way travelling sportively and environment-protectly.



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