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Suzhou Nightlife

In addition to breath-taking scenery and unique handcrafts, Suzhou is rich in cultural heritage. Kun opera, Pingtan (a form of storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect) and Guzheng (a Chinese zither with 25 strings) are the traditional cultural arts of Suzhou and part of the locals' daily lives. Visitors can visit the Garden of Master of Nets at night to enjoy all three of these classical forms of entertainment. Folk music and dancing and six other artistic performances will provide lasting memories of Suzhou City.
Entrance Fee: CNY 80
Visiting Hours: 7:30 pm-10 pm from mid-March to mid-November

Tea House

There are many tea houses in Suzhou, because drinking tea is an important custom in the area. A tea house is a great place to sip a cup of tea and rest after a day of excursions.

The night view of SuzhouA unique opportunity offered by Suzhou is to sip a cup of tea in a beautiful garden. Shuang Zhao Lou, located in the Garden of Couple's Retreat, is a favorite place of local scholars. It is open from 8 am to 5 pm and can be reached by taking the No.701 bus. Bo Ya Tang in the Art Garden is on the water, so you can enjoy the charming scenery and watch fish frolic in the water while you drink your tea. Buses No.313, 204, 33, 301, 501 and the tourist special route No.1 can be used to get there. Another elegant and quiet place is Liang Lei Xuan in the Listening to Maple Garden. Fine tea sets and various kinds are available there. It is open from 8:30 am to 12 pm. Use buses No.1, 8, 32, 38, 101, 102, 103 and the tourist bus No.4.


U.B.C. Coffee
Address: Dongda branch: No.5-8, South Street
Fenghuang branch: No.19, Fenghuang Street
Shilu branch: No.223, Changxu Road
Yuehai branch: No.8, Yue Hai Square, Guan Qian Street

Ming Tien Coffee Language
Address: Shilu branch: No.1, Guang Ji Road, Jin Chang District
Renmin branch: No.31, Renmin Road

Provence Coffee
Address: No.24, Wu Ya Chang, Shi Quan Street

Clubs and Pubs

Harry's Bar
Address: No.1-72, Xia Tang, Luo Gua Bridge, Lin Dun Road

Bai Du Bar
Address: No.208, Zhu Hui Road

Qi Lin Karaoke
Located at No.201, Shi Quan Street, Cang Lang District, it is one of the most popular KTV locations in Suzhou.

Music Space
Its unique design-like a space capsule-and reasonable price attract many customers.
Address: No.183, San Xiang Road, Jin Chang District




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